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Supplier management with Inforum is simple, efficient, and cost-saving - The supply chain management. Software for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, industrial sector, and more...

Strengths of Supply chain management with the Inforum supplier management software

With Inforum, you can perfectly map and streamline your supply chain management. Supplier management has never been easier! Our software solution for efficient supplier management - a feature of Inforum, our supplier management software!

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Supplier management with inforum

The perfect software solution for managing your suppliers in the industrial, mechanical engineering, and automotive industries. Inforum can do much more than just "supplier management," but on this page, we focus solely on the functions that can be associated with this term. Of course, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, which you can send to the following email address:

Supplier management for the industrial, mechanical engineering, and automotive industries.

With our solutions for supplier management, you can work more efficiently and have greater control over your processes. Inforum is our supplier management software and it simplifies many workflow steps for you. Here is an overview of some key features of this supply chain management tool.



Request for Quotation (RFQ): An RFQ is a solicitation to potential suppliers to submit a proposal for specific products or services. It includes information such as quantities, delivery dates, and technical requirements, based on which suppliers prepare their offers.



Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP): APQP is a structured process for product and process development in the automotive industry. The goal is to ensure quality and meet customer requirements. The process consists of five phases: planning, product development, process development, product and process validation, and production launch and continuous improvement.


Complaint management

Complaint management involves handling customer complaints or claims regarding the quality of products or services. The objective is to promptly and effectively address complaints, increase customer satisfaction, and identify and rectify systematic causes of errors.



The Audit Module is a specialized tool for performing and managing audits according to the most common automotive standards (VDA, ISA, MAQMSR), which are widely used in the automotive industry. This software enables companies to efficiently check compliance requirements and ensure the quality of processes and products. It offers features such as checklist management, automatic reporting and real-time monitoring to streamline the audit process.


Registration & Self-Disclosure

Registration & Self-Disclosure refers to the initial stage of a supplier onboarding process. Inforum facilitates the onboarding of new suppliers. After registration, the self-disclosure process takes place. This involves a more detailed questionnaire that the supplier needs to complete. The questions can cover various aspects of the company, such as financial stability, quality assurance processes, environmental and social standards, technological capabilities, references, and more.


Certificate management

Certificate management in the supply chain context deals with the verification and management of supplier certificates. These documents are often critical for assessing supplier quality and reliability. Efficient management of these certificates enables continuous monitoring and can have an impact on supplier evaluation. By systematically monitoring certificates, companies can ensure that suppliers meet required standards, which minimizes risk and improves overall supply chain quality.


Supplier Cockpit

The Supplier Cockpit is a tool for visualizing and monitoring the performance of suppliers in real-time. It can include various key performance indicators such as delivery reliability, quality of delivered products, response time to inquiries, and more. It provides a centralized platform for supplier management, enabling the identification of trends, problem areas, and the initiation of targeted improvement measures.


Supplier evaluation

Supplier evaluation is a process in which the performance of suppliers is assessed based on various criteria such as quality, delivery reliability, price, and communication. This process aims to select suppliers, improve performance, and reduce risks in the supply chain.

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Supplier management software is a solution that helps companies optimize their relationship with suppliers. The software automates procurement processes and assists in monitoring and improving supplier performance.

Typical functions of a supplier management software include creating and managing supplier profiles, monitoring supplier performance, and tracking orders and deliveries. The software can also facilitate communication with suppliers and assist in negotiating contracts and terms.

A supplier management software can automate procurement processes, saving time and resources. Monitoring supplier performance helps companies minimize risks and improve the quality and reliability of deliveries. The software can also assist in cost reduction and optimizing the supply chain.

When selecting a supplier management software, businesses should consider their specific requirements and needs. A good software should have a user-friendly interface and be capable of integrating with the company's existing systems and processes. It is also important to choose software that provides regular updates and support.

The implementation time of a supplier management software depends on various factors such as the size of the company and the complexity of existing systems and processes. It can range from a few weeks to several months. However, careful planning and preparation can help shorten the implementation time.

The cost of a supplier management software varies depending on the provider and the features required by the company. Typically, there is an initial setup fee as well as ongoing costs for maintenance and support. It is important to consider the costs in relation to the expected benefits and savings to assess the cost-effectiveness of the software.

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