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Strengths of Quality management with the inforum quality management software

With inforum, you can perfectly map and streamline your quality management processes. Quality management has never been more efficient! Experience our software solution for efficient quality management – a feature of inforum, our supplier management software!

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Quality management expert features that impress...



Handling the 8 disciplines of this efficient problem-solving approach with inforum.



They sample according to VDA PPF and AIAG PPAP from initial sample inspection to requalification to ensure quality and supply chain security.


Change Management

Plan, implement, and track the success of change management processes, including documentation, with inforum.



You enhance your product quality and minimize your risks with our FMEA solution according to VDA/AIAG.



Inspection checklists in quality management systematize the monitoring and assurance of established quality standards.


Test equipment management

Test equipment management ensures the accuracy and reliability of measuring instruments through continuous calibration and regular inspections.



Manage your quality management tasks or activities within the framework. Plan, assign, and track tasks to ensure no information is lost.


...we would be happy to personally present you with additional features.

Streamlined management of your quality processes

With professional Quality management systems , businesses can plan, monitor, and control their processes and workflows anytime and anywhere. The web-based software solution inforum, developed by the Austrian team at JAWA Management Software GmbH, is highly regarded for its user-friendly and practical approach to supplier and quality management. Inforum ensures that both internal processes and external partners are equally involved, enabling everyone to have the same level of knowledge at all times. This approach is truly exemplary.

Professional quality management systems prevent errors and optimize processes

For a company to meet the high demands of customers and clients, the basis must be right. This means that all processes must run smoothly internally in order to be convincing externally as well. High order performance thus requires consistent quality management - not only to prevent errors, but also to avoid repeating them if they do occur. After all, mistakes are there to be learned from.

Especially in industry - in development as well as in manufacturing - a profound quality management system (QMS for short) helps to strengthen customer relationships and build a positive image. By ensuring that products and services are always flawless and responding promptly to problems. In this way, product liability cases can be avoided, legal requirements are complied with, and employee satisfaction also increases thanks to smooth processes.

In addition, the use of quality management systems saves costs by avoiding and reducing internal errors and strengthens the overall flow of information. For this to succeed, however, in addition to the choice of a professional quality management system, its planning is crucial. Thus, the individual opportunities and risks of a company should be determined in advance in order to be able to optimize the decisive processes in a meaningful way. By precisely defining the entire process organization, not only means and measures become clear, but the entire coordination can be better accomplished. All those involved in the process should be included, even in the initial stages of planning.

inforum - JAWA's quality management system is convincing in terms of tidiness and sustainable efficiency

The quality management system inforum of the software company JAWA is considered to be an absolutely professional tool for the examination and support of all business processes. This describes inforum as a strategic corporate platform which, in interaction with JAWA's ERP system, represents an all-in-one solution for all supplier-related processes. This includes, for example, tenders, supplier development, sampling or complaints.

The software platform offers round-the-clock interaction with internal and external contacts as well as a uniform database. Over the years, inforum has grown into an established quality management system and has long since proven itself in the industry.

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Advantages of Quality Management with inforum - Save costs!

One of the main advantages of inforum is the absolute overview provided by the user interface of this QMS. This is intuitively designed and, in addition to simple operation, allows a maximum overview of all necessary information. All measures to be carried out are thus always in focus and do not get lost in the background. Depending on whether a lean IT landscape or a quick start with minimum effort is required, inforum comes as an in-house or service solution. To ensure complete data security, inforum is audited with regard to cybersecurity.

The QMS inforum also clearly scores in terms of cost savings and sustainable efficiency. Communication processes are standardized and thus increase the overall quality structure. Efforts are reduced by optimizing complaints management. As a result, problems can also be solved quickly and easily in day-to-day business, so that lower costs, significant time savings and sustainable efficiency can be expected.

The experts at JAWA impress with tailor-made solutions

The inforum software is also convincing because it actively participates in the company's processes, in fact it lives: Ongoing adjustments during development guarantee precisely the scope of functions that ensures the greatest possible efficiency.

For almost 25 years, the JAWA team has been working closely with industrial and development customers and has always offered customized and field-proven solutions for more sustainable processes. From planning to implementation, the experts support companies to create the best solutions with innovative ideas. In doing so, the products offered are always of the highest standard and are always individually adapted to customer requirements. Ongoing consultation at the beginning and throughout the entire project is always a matter of course.

JAWA is recognized as a competent partner in the manufacturing industry and has also made a name for itself internationally. Companies in sectors such as automotive supply, plant and mechanical engineering, and electronics rely on the innovative offerings of the QMS specialists and their professional implementation. The close and often long-term collaboration contributes to this, as spectacular success stories can only be written with such partnerships.

JAWA is particularly proud of its own team, which can look back on more than 150 successfully implemented ideas since its foundation in 1998.

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With years of experience, JAWA promises clear improvements in quality management through its software solution, inforum! 

More efficiency through inforum quality management.

Including expert consultation for Inforum supplier management

Our quality management experts assist you in defining, structuring, and improving your processes with our software solution, inforum.

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