The communication platform
for companies
Share! is a business communication platform that facilitates easy sharing of knowledge and information within the organization and with a defined user group outside of the company, such as sales and cooperation partners.
Advantages of Share!


Sharing knowledge across borders

Share! makes it possible for international sales networks to enjoy an effective and sustainable exchange of knowledge and information. Stay up to date without needing to travel.


Data sovereignty

The data remains in the customer’s own enterprise network or is stored in a data center if the customer prefers. This means the customer has full control over data sovereignty and security.


Easy and intuitive handling

The design and functionality of Share! are similar to that of typical social media platforms. This ensures excellent usability.


Individual design

Share! makes it possible to easily and flexibly adapt the design to match the corporate identity of the company.


Share! as an information platform

Data can be systematically stored and retrieved. By using tags such as the product name or an event, content can be filtered as desired.


High-quality contributions

In Share!, the framework provided leads to contributions that are of a higher quality than those posted on other platforms. Additionally, no advertising is displayed.

This is how Share!
News, videos, and images can be shared quickly and easily from all over the world, at any time. Sales staff and partners are thus kept up to date on current product information and new developments. Additionally, contributions can be liked and commented. This promotes interaction and makes it possible to identify trends.
So funktioniert Share
Share - Auf allen Endgeräten Desktop & Mobil verfügbar
Available on all end devices
Whether smartphone, tablet, or PC – Share! is available on all end devices and common browsers, allowing flexible and location-independent access to information and sharing of knowledge. In addition to the browser application, Share! is also available as a smartphone app for iOS and Android.
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Quality & Advice

Tailor-made solutions

We supply solutions that meet the highest standards and are adapted to the needs of our customers. Additionally, we provide consulting services throughout the entire project, as well as support from start to finish.


Putting people center stage

Close, long-term collaboration with our customers is very important to us, because this is the secret to achieving success together.

Innovation & Professionalism

Professional implementation

Whether you need a quick or a custom solution, both variants can be implemented in high quality within a foreseeable time frame, thanks to our practical experience in the field and our innovative team.