We are JAWA

The Company

We are a team that has been working closely with our customers for around 25 years to provide tailor-made and proven solutions for more sustainable processes. We support our customers from start to finish, working together on innovative ideas to arrive at the ideal solution for their specific requirements.

JAWA Management Software - Lieferantenmanagement Qualitätsmanagement und individuelle Softwarelösungen aus Österreich
What you can expect from cooperation with us


Tailor-made solutions

We supply solutions that meet the highest standards and are adapted to the needs of our customers. Additionally, we provide consulting services throughout the entire project, as well as support from start to finish.


Professional implementation

We combine our experience in the digitization of management processes over our almost 25 years of existence with inventiveness and flexible thinking.


Putting people center stage

Close, long-term collaboration with our customers is very important to us, because this is the secret to achieving success together.


Many years of experience

With our many years of experience in the design and development of innovative solutions, you have a competent partner at your side throughout the entire process.

The Team

We design innovative, customized and sustainable software solutions with expertise and enthusiasm and thus contribute to the success of our customers. Our interdisciplinary teams consist of experts who turn requirements into reality. It is the people behind the technology that make the solutions possible.

Über JAWA - Software Entwicklung aus Österreich - Individuallösungen

Software Engineer




Software Engineer


Head of Technology and Software Engineering


Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

JAWA in figures
JAWA Management Software GmbH is founded by Hannes Jank and Augustin Walcher – this is also the origin of the name JAWA.

Every day, we average 3000+ lines of codes
For our customers, this means that we are able to
a rapid implementation of the project.
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We have successfully implemented more than 150 ideas – with many more to come.
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A unique team – open-minded, down-to-earth, supportive, and innovative.
Together, our software developers have more than 120 years of
development experience, thus providing you with maximum expertise.
A unique team – open-minded, down-to-earth, supportive, and innovative.
Responsibility for tomorrow
The world is facing some major challenges. We consider it our responsibility to ask the right questions to counteract some of these challenges.
Our Mission
  • We embrace the change process and successfully position our products and solutions in the market.
  • We expand our sales network and proactively approach customers, business partners, and interested parties.
  • We focus on diversifying our staff, customers, and products, making us a sought-after solution provider.

Together, we develop software solutions tailored to individual requirements and to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

We capitalize on these strengths...

• Years of experience
• Customer understanding and satisfaction
• Close contact with customers
• Short response times
• Flexibility

These values and characteristics distinguish us...

• Recognized

• Competent 

• Cooperative

• Innovative 

• Solution-oriented 

• Sustainable

That is why JAWA is the ideal project partner...
  • We are a highly qualified team with extensive experience in software development, as well as young talents with innovative capabilities.
  • With Komptech GmbH as our parent company, we have a reliable and strong partner by our side at all times.
  • We aim to create a unique success story for each and every customer with every project.


Our workflow

Our workflow

This is how we at JAWA Software Management GmbH work.

This is how we at JAWA Software Management GmbH work.

GO! BUILD! INFORUM! Softwarelösungen von JAWA

Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been recognized as a competent partner for the manufacturing industry. International companies from sectors such as automotive supply, plant and mechanical engineering, and electronics collaborate with the software specialists and rely on their high flexibility and excellent service performance.

Based on years of expertise and close cooperation with customers, JAWA has developed "inforum," a web-based platform for supplier and quality management. This platform allows for easy and comprehensive planning, control, and monitoring of all processes related to suppliers. Whether internal or external stakeholders, everyone has access to a unified database and the same level of knowledge through inforum. When integrated with a company's ERP system, the platform becomes the all-in-one solution for tasks such as bidding, supplier evaluation, supplier development, sample testing, complaint and risk management, and more.

JAWA is recognized as a competent partner in the manufacturing industry and has also made a name for itself internationally. Companies in sectors such as automotive supply, plant and mechanical engineering, and electronics rely on the innovative offerings of the QMS specialists and their professional implementation. The close and often long-term collaboration contributes to this, as spectacular success stories can only be written with such partnerships.

We take pride in our own team, which has successfully implemented over 150 ideas since our founding in 1998. With years of experience, JAWA promises exceptional flexibility and a strong ability to deliver results with its software solution, inforum.