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inforum is a web-based software for Quality and supplier management. With the software, business processes and workflows can be planned, processed, monitored and controlled in an uncomplicated and clear manner.

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Flexible adaptation to
your business

Flexible adaptation to
to your business requirements

Management for
complex procurement- and Quality projects

Management for
complex procurement- and Quality projects
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Supplier Management

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Strengths of inforum

inforum is a strategic corporate platform that, in conjunction with the ERP system, provides an all-in-one solution for all processes related to suppliers, such as bidding, supplier development, sample approvals, or complaints.

JAWA inforum Lieferantenmanagement Qualitätsmanagement Software Lösung
JAWA inforum Lieferantenmanagement
Solution as Inhouse & Service

Inhouse: Plug & Play Solution for a learn IT Landscape

Unsere kundenspezifischen Lizenzmodelle ermöglichen es, die Kosten zu kontrollieren und nur für die Funktionen und Dienstleistungen zu bezahlen, die sie tatsächlich benötigen. Wir arbeiten eng mit ihnen zusammen, um ihre spezifischen Anforderungen zu verstehen und Lösungen zu entwickeln, die ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechen. Unser Ziel ist es, unseren Kunden den größtmöglichen Wert zu bieten und ihnen dabei zu helfen, ihr Geschäft erfolgreich zu führen.

Service: Quick Startup and no internal effort, thanks to outsourcing

Das System wird in einem zertifizierten Rechnerzentrum installiert, inklusive weiterer Betreuung wie Updates und Datensicherungen. Der Zugang auf das System erfolgt mittels einer  verschlüsselter Übertragung über das Internet.

Advantages of inforum


Complete Overview

The user interface of inforum has an intuitive design that is easy to operate and provides a full overview of the information. The clear and transparent structures ensure that the user is always up to date regarding the measures to be taken.


Guaranteed data security

inforum is available as an inhouse solution and as a service solution, depending on whether the customer needs a lean IT landscape or a quick startup without internal effort. Additionally, inforum has been audited as regards cybersecurity.


Cost savings and sustainable effiiciency

Uniform communication processes increase quality. With complaint management, the workload is reduced, quality is increased, and potential problems are resolved quickly – for lower costs, time savings, and sustainable efficiency.

The JAWA-Plus

Quality & Advice

Tailor-made solutions

We supply solutions that meet the highest standards and are adapted to the needs of our customers. Additionally, we provide consulting services throughout the entire project, as well as support from start to finish.


Putting people center stage

Close, long-term collaboration with our customers is very important to us, because this is the secret to achieving success together.

Innovation & Professionalism

Professional implementation

Whether you need a quick or a custom solution, both variants can be implemented in high quality within a foreseeable time frame, thanks to our practical experience in the field and our innovative team.