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inforum is a web-based software for quality and supplier management. With this software, business processes and workflows can be easily and transparently planned, implemented, monitored, and controlled. All partners – whether internal or external – are involved and have access to the same knowledge at all times, all across the world.

inforum- das Portal in die digitale Lieferantenwelt
Advantages of inforum


Complete Overview

The user interface of inforum has an intuitive design that is easy to operate and provides a full overview of the information. The clear and transparent structures ensure that the user is always up to date regarding the measures to be taken.


Guaranteed data security

inforum is available as an inhouse solution and as a service solution, depending on whether the customer needs a lean IT landscape or a quick startup without internal effort. Additionally, inforum has been audited as regards cybersecurity.


Cost savings and sustainable effiiciency

Uniform communication processes increase quality. With complaint management, the workload is reduced, quality is increased, and potential problems are resolved quickly – for lower costs, time savings, and sustainable efficiency.

Strengths of inforum
inforum is a strategic company platform. Together with the ERP system, it forms an all-in-one solution for all processes involving suppliers – such as calls for tender, supplier development, sampling, or complaints.
So funktioniert inforum
Lösungen als Inhouse & Service
Solution as Inhouse & Service
Inhouse: Plug & Play Solution for a learn IT Landscape
The system is preinstalled at JAWA in accordance with the order. It is delivered as a virtualized server in the form of a VMware image. The licensing depends on the number of users created in the system. Alternatively, a server license or enterprise license can be offered on request.

Service: Quick Startup and no internal effort, thanks to outsourcing
The system is installed in a certified data center, including ongoing support such as updates and data backups. It is possible to access the system via the Internet, with encrypted transmission – this means that the web platform has a security certificate. The licensing depends on the number of users created in the system or logged in at the same time. License fees available on request.
Module of inforum


Supplier Management

With inforum, you centrally manage all information about your supplier pool using a portal that is connected to your ERP system. You can thus keep an eye on your supplier self-assessments, certificate management, and supplier evaluations. Registered suppliers can autonomously update their master data and certificates via the shared platform. The supplier assessment is system-controlled and enables you to make fast comparisons to determine who is able to fulfill which requirements best.


Solicitation of quotations

inforum manages the entire quotation process for you: Calls for tenders and requests for quotations are sent to the supplier pool you define, and the quotes then compared, giving you a sound basis for choosing the offer that is best suited to your needs.


Advance quality planning 

Focusing on the “perfect product” as the objective, inforum provides support with advance quality planning in accordance with the IATF 16949 standard and facilitates APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) to ensure that your product will meet the expectations of your customers. Review points and milestones are jointly documented by all participants. You can thus reliably monitor the milestones and project progress and can have all review points checked by a second set of eyes.


Component sampling 

You and your supplier can cooperate directly on the shared platform to plan the workflow for sampling components in accordance with VDA PPF Volume 2 and AIAG PPAP. All audit fields are monitored by two persons. During this process, inforum documents all deviating measures and special releases, as well as any automated requalification, and thus ensures the quality of the deliveries from the production process to product release.


Complaint monitoring

With inforum, suppliers are integrated directly into the complaint process: The type of complaint, responsibilities, and measures for eliminating the defect are documented with an 8D report, and all costs incurred in relation to the complaint are recorded.


Real-time coordination

inforum enables direct, synchronous communication with suppliers and decision makers. The task management offered by inforum links the internal and external work packages, bundles all to-dos and integrates these into structured, dynamic workflows, and can be connected to other modules by means of cross-references.


Meeting management 

inforum plans your supplier meetings: You conduct your meetings on the basis of a predefined agenda with structured discussion points. Meeting topics and results are compared with other modules, and open items are automatically resubmitted for follow-up meetings.

The JAWA-Plus

Quality & Advice

Tailor-made solutions

We supply solutions that meet the highest standards and are adapted to the needs of our customers. Additionally, we provide consulting services throughout the entire project, as well as support from start to finish.


Putting people center stage

Close, long-term collaboration with our customers is very important to us, because this is the secret to achieving success together.

Innovation & Professionalism

Professional implementation

Whether you need a quick or a custom solution, both variants can be implemented in high quality within a foreseeable time frame, thanks to our practical experience in the field and our innovative team.